Les Stripteases de Aidi Eisidi

I see the Stripteases de Aidi Eisidi as the construction of a tableau, a game for initiation where the actors have the authorization to play, turning the spectator into a reader to whom we direct the rhetoric of seduction.This is a piece of cumulative space-time that superimposes and contains various temporalities,
like infancy, the ritual, desire, power, the obscene, the decomposition of gender, the body…This work places us in the “spots where society situates its margins” as Michel Foucault would say “in the empty zones that surround it, reserved to individuals whose behavior is deviate in respect to the status quo or what’s demanded as norm”.
The piece is built by layers that are superimposed and confection the tableau that shapes Les Stripteases de Aidi Eisidi; part of a ludic prelude, apparently naive, that takes us into a territory where everything is possible, the cruelty of children, the double entendre of language…
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